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April Weather Forecast 2021: Spring Into April Weather

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It’s time to look at weather predictions for April 2021! Will April showers bring May flowers? Let’s see what sort of weather April has in store for us this year.

Oh, how fresh the wind is blowing!
See! the sky is bright and clear,
Oh, how green the grass is growing!
April! April! are you here?

–Dora R. Goodale

April 2021 Weather Forecast

Overall, April will feature above-normal temperatures, on average, in most areas, with cooler-than-normal temps in the United States limited to the High Plains, Desert Southwest, and Pacific Southwest. Southern British Columbia will have near-normal temperatures, while the rest of Canada will be warmer than normal.

Expect near- or below-normal precipitation in most areas of the United States and Canada, although southeastern Ontario will have a rainy month.

Notable Dates in April

On April 1, we expect a massive blizzard to bring all of the United States and Canada to a complete standstill. Only kidding—April Fools! We really don’t expect any extreme weather on this day.

Most areas will have sunshine for Easter Sunday on April 4, with seasonable temperatures expected, although scattered showers are in the forecast for a large part of the eastern United States and the Pacific Coast. In Alaska and northern Canada, expect some snow!

Earth Day, on April 22, will bring rainy periods and cool temperatures to most of the eastern states and provinces, with dry weather and mild to warm temperatures in most central and western areas.

Perhaps the most important day of the year will arrive on April 24, when we celebrate the 255th birthday of Old Farmer’s Almanac founder Robert B. Thomas with rainy, cool weather in most of the eastern and central United States and Canada and sunny, mild weather in most western areas. Now that is one old farmer, to be sure.

We end the month with Arbor Day on April 30, when trees will get some needed rain in most areas, with chlorophyll-activating sunshine predominating in the Appalachians, Upper Midwest, Deep South, and Canadian Prairies.

→ To see two months of forecasts for your region, visit our Long Rang Weather Forecast page!

April Weather Lore

On the edge of winter and spring, April graces us with warmer days that hint at what’s to come—but often reminds us that winter isn’t done just yet!

In addition to the famous “April showers bring May flowers,” there are a number of proverbs that speak of April weather:

Cloudy April, dewy May.

When April blows his horn,
It’s good for hay and corn.

A dry March, wet April, and cool May,
Fill barn, cellar, and bring much hay.

And, of course, we can’t resist including this gardening advice:

Plant your ‘taters when you will,
They won’t come up before April.

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Only time will tell if these proverbs hold true this year. Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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