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City of Denton Revamps Green Energy Incentives, Shifts Focus to Home Efficiency Upgrades

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In a major move to enhance the city’s green energy initiatives, the City of Denton announces significant changes to its rebate programs offered to Denton Municipal Electric (DME) customers. Starting October 1, rebates for new solar installations have been discontinued. The previously allocated funding for solar incentives will now bolster the GreenSense Incentive Program, aiming to motivate a broader spectrum of household energy efficiency upgrades.

This strategic shift is informed by the noted decline in the cost of rooftop solar installations and the rising expenses associated with home energy efficiency enhancements. As a result of this reallocation, the GreenSense Incentive Program will now have a whopping $1,000,000 at its disposal. Residents can avail themselves of these funds for a myriad of upgrades including smart thermostats, HVAC systems, duct repairs, radiant barriers, attic insulation, windows and solar screens, weatherization materials, and even electric vehicles. Additionally, an HVAC tune-up rebate has been introduced for the first time this year.

A comparative study of the energy efficiency incentives and solar rebates conducted in July 2023 elucidates the city’s decision. A total of $2,233,682 spent on energy efficiency incentives resulted in the issuance of 6,085 rebates, a reduction of 41,966,771 kWh energy, equivalent to powering 3,498 homes, and removed 22,761 tonnes of CO2. In contrast, $3,988,237 spent on solar rebates yielded 700 issued rebates, offsetting 13,956,677 kWh and removing 7,598 tonnes of CO2, equivalent to powering 1,163 homes. The energy efficiency program demonstrably offers a higher impact per dollar spent in terms of both energy conservation and CO2 emission reduction.

Despite these changes, the City of Denton affirms that there are no alterations to DME’s net metering program. Residents can still expect to be credited for the excess electricity they contribute to the grid.

Furthermore, Denton maintains its esteemed status as a SolSmart Gold Level community and distinguishes itself as the sole municipal utility in Texas delivering 100% renewable energy. New guidelines and rebate amounts pertinent to the revamped program will soon be accessible at www.cityofdenton.com/rebates.

These modifications in the rebate program underscore the City of Denton’s unyielding commitment to fostering a sustainable and energy-efficient environment for its residents, leveraging every available resource to make green living both accessible and affordable.

Greensense Incentive Program Rebates include the following.

ProgramRebate Amount
HVAC$1500 – $2500
HVAC Tune Up50% up to $100
Smart Thermostat100% up to $100
Weatherization Materials50% up to $100
Radiant Barrier20% up to $300
Attic Insulation50% up to $1500
Air Duct30% up to $400
Solar Screens50% up to $500
Windows30% up to $1500
E-Bike50% up to $1000
Electric Vehicle$1500
Solar Hot Water Heater30% up to $300

Please note that the rebate amounts may vary based on specific program eligibility and requirements.

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