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16 Denton artists unite to create record label

Article Originally Published by Matthew Iaia on North Texas Daily

Article Originally Published by Matthew Iaia on North Texas Daily

UNT students walk around campus and hear all types of music: jazz, hip-hop and the lonely notes of a singular guitar which ooze out of every corner. Whatever the instrument or style, it is very much music, and it is very much Denton.

Denton’s music scene inspired a group of local musicians to create a record label called Tuba Stephen. The label’s roster consists of sixteen artists, and they each contributed to its first compilation album, “Olio.”

Jeremiah McGhee, Tuba Stephen artist and label founder, said he faced difficulties putting together the record, but he used his network of musicians to find artists interested in recording tracks for the album.

“I just started reaching out to friends who had solo music projects and was just gauging interest to try and get a small group as a foundation for it,” Jeremiah said. “Coordinating with that many people can be difficult, and then it took a little bit to solidify what our starting lineup would be, so probably the hardest part was just getting people to be aware of it at first.”

Tuba Stephen artist Terry Thompson said Jeremiah has been forming relationships with artists in the industry for years.

Source: North Texas Daily

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